British Airways will carry 60% passengers over strike period


LONDON – British Airway PLC, the U.K. flag carrier, said Monday it has put in place contingency plans to allow 60% of customers fly through Unite’s strike period of Mar. 20, 21 and 22, the schedule aims to fly around 45,000 customers each day on Mar. 20, 21 and 22.


-Majority of flights between Mar. 23 and Mar. 31 remain in the schedule and BA will update customers due to fly during the second strike period (Mar. 27,28,29,30) after the first strike period has ended.

-In the first strike period, the airline will operate all longhaul flights to and from Gatwick and more than half of shorthaul flights at the airport.

-All flights to and from London City airport will be unaffected by the strike action.

-At Heathrow the airline will continue to operate more than 60% of its longhaul flights to and from the airport during the first three days of action.

-The airline will operate some of its own shorthaul flights at Heathrow, and will supplement its schedule by leasing up to 22 aircraft with pilots and crews from eight different airlines based in the U.K. and Europe.

-This will enable the airline to operate around 30% of its shorthaul schedule at Heathrow.

-Has also agreed with 40 other carriers that customers can be rebooked free of charge during the actual strike period onto their flights if they had been due to travel on a BA flight which has been cancelled.

-Many thousands more customers will be offered seats on alternative British Airways flights or on services operated by other airlines.