Kenya minister vows to crack down on unlicensed lodging facilities


The Kenyan minister for tourism, the Hon. Najib Mohamed Balala, has committed himself to a crackdown on unlicensed hotels, resorts, and safari lodges, beginning March 15, starting in the Masai Mara, where reportedly only about a third of all lodging facilities are duly licensed or have their licenses up to date. The minister threatened to close down the offenders and have defaulters prosecuted.

While in Mombasa, the minister reportedly also instructed ministry staff based at the coast to start a similar crackdown on unlicensed houses and villas allegedly let out to tourists and operating without due licenses, following complaints by the stakeholders from the hospitality sector. The minister had used his presence at the Kenya coast to meet with tourism and resort operators to get a feedback on pressing issues and gauge opinions from the major stakeholders.