Weekend Red Shirt protests causing things to deteriorate in Thailand


In an effort to try to force Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to call new elections, anti-government “Red Shirt” protestors have scheduled demonstrations to take place this weekend in Thailand. Although leaders of the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship have said the protest will be nonviolent, the government is bracing for the worse.

It is anticipated that this will be the largest protest ever in Thailand. Demonstrators will begin meeting around the country on Friday and will all converge in Bangkok on Sunday.

ETurboNews received the updates on the situation from Andrew J. Wood, general manager of Chaophya Park Hotel in Bangkok:

• ALL functions in my hotel this weekend have been cancelled, including 3 major weddings and international conferences, as well as an airline function showing the F1 Race live to top agents.

• The Navy is stopping pro-red gun and ammunition supply boats from coming into Bangkok from Ayutthaya via the river. A number of major roads will be closed inside Bangkok tomorrow including Wireless Road. There are also helicopters visible over Bangkok.

• The British Embassy security staff in their security briefing this morning to the BCCT said the Red Shirts’ only objective is to bring down the government by Sunday.

• There is a high probability of violent outbursts including mortar and grenade attacks on govternment buildings.

• The demonstration is expected to spill over from Friday to Monday.

• All schools in Bangkok are either on holiday or plan to be closed until the middle of next week.

• The UK Embassy believes there are enough contigency plans on hand to ensure the airport(s) remain open.

• Be prepared for major disruption in your journeys to and from work, as roads are closed down.

• Be prepared for further cancellations from group and tour operators.

• Many airlines have already relocated their airline staff and air crews to the airport hotels.

• Airlines are opening check-in desks 4 hours prior to take off, expecting many passengers to be delayed with road closures.

• Roads linking major Red assembly sites and roads leading to Government House embassies are being closed from tomorrow.

• I think it is fair to say that if you dont need to come to Bangkok, it would be best to avoid it this weekend.