ICTP and Inclusive Tourism: World Tourism Day Initiative from Nepal


Tomorrow is World Tourism Day. This year the UNWTO event is hosted by Thailand in Bangkok. However, the day is celebrated everywhere in the world.

Every year World Tourism Day has a special focus. This year World Tourism Day is about accessible and inclusive tourism.

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The chapter in Nepal for the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) initiated by its chapter president Pankaj Pradhananga of Four Seasons Travel & Tours in Kathmandu has been working on this challenge in Nepal tirelessly.

Mr. Pradhananga told eTurboNews:

“Inclusive Tourism is a relatively new term in Nepal. Though the effort of opening up for accessible and inclusive Tourism has already begun, it is still in its infancy. A major concern for Destination Nepal is the lack of awareness and absence of mandatory law in place to encourage Tourism operating sectors for coming up with accessible Tourism products.

Given the enormous economic and social benefits to be derived from Inclusive Tourism, it is the high time for the industry to understand and develop Inclusive tourism in the gateway to Himalaya.

Nepal was struck with devastating earthquake on the 25th April 2015 which also left more than 4,000 Nepalese with physical disabilities. It is rather more important to build accessible infrastructure for the benefit of the locals as well the foreign tourists who want to enjoy Natural and cultural beauty of Nepal.

Focusing on making the state and Tourism entrepreneurs understand the importance of inclusive tourism will not only benefit the tourism industry, it will also connect the vibrant DPOs ( Disabled People Organizations) and Tourism operating sectors.

Tour operations in Social Entrepreneurship models can also empower the PWDs and also create jobs for the Assistants who also provide services to the local PWDs.

Aftermath April Earthquake, Nepal is in the process of rebuilding the nation along with its historic monuments in Kathmandu valley. A focus on Inclusive Tourism will also ensure such moments are rebuilt keeping in mind the accessibility needs of local PWDs and Elderly travelers.

ICTP and Its Himalayan chapter president, Pankaj Pradhananga is leading the initiative of Inclusive Tourism in order to help Destination Nepal to bounce back. ICTP also believes it will not only ensure responsible practices in Tourism, it will also prove to be a sustainable model of Tourism development in the long run.

The International Coalition of Tourism Partners in Nepal is extending its best wishes on the occasion of World Tourism Day with the theme Tourism for all – Universal accessibility.

More information on ICTP : http://www.ictp.travel

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