CARICOM continues its assistance to earthquake-ravaged Haiti


CARICOM (Caribbean Community) member countries are making life more tolerable for the earthquake victims of Haiti by adopting a town outside of the capital city of Port-au-Prince and providing much-needed health services for the affected Haitians.

More than three thousand Haitian nationals injured in the destructive
January 12 earthquake have so far received treatment from CARICOM‘s response team.

In an interview with the regional media, CARICOM’s ambassador to Haiti,
Earl Huntley, provided an update on the response of the regional grouping:

“What CARICOM is doing now is concentrating on the health sector: they have focused their efforts on a town outside of Port-au-Prince, which was, in fact, the epicenter of the earthquake, and CARICOM is providing medical assistance in that town.”

Ambassador Huntley says CARICOM is committed to providing unwavering support to its sister member state in its time of distress.

The diplomat says he expects the organization to assist in redeveloping the state’s apparatus to restore proper government to Haiti.

“In the long term, CARICOM will provide assistance in the reconstruction effort, but those plans are presently being finalized, and they will be announced in due time. I am hopeful that CARICOM will partner Haiti and support the country in its building and reconstruction efforts, particularly in the area of governance and the public service, because the state has been weakened by what has happened.”

Ambassador Huntley says CARICOM will continue to work towards meeting the specific needs of the Haitian people.

Haiti became a full-fledged member of CARICOM in 2009.