Kenya airfares to rival bus fares


Information was recently sent to this correspondent from Nairobi by two individuals, normally keenly observing the local aviation scene, about new low cost airlines being under formation and intending to break into the Kenyan market, which already is quite saturated for flights on domestic and regional routes.

The intriguing aspect about the new ventures was that reportedly they were aiming at competing with presently charged bus fares, and financially succeeding by then adding extra charges for each and every other item, likely to be for fuel supplements, airport taxes, and regulatory fees but also thought to cover checked bags, seat selection, loo visits, and food and drink, if at all available on the airborne bus services.

Concludes this column: good luck, you will need it, before ending with the hope that all mandatory charges will be advertised accordingly, as will the extras to avoid passengers having a rude awakening upon check in or in flight when their purse contents are suddenly encroached upon.