Near miss reported from Khartoum


A Sun Air flight from Juba to the national capital city of Khartoum reportedly avoided disaster by the proverbial inch last Friday, when apparently the pilots of the B 737 ignored instructions to delay landing, so as to permit another plane to taxi out to the runway and take off first.

The two planes narrowly missed each other and the pilots of the Sun Air flight reportedly had added problems to then bring their plane to a safe halt. It could not be ascertained by the time of dispatching this report if the aircraft had sustained damage as a result of the hard landing.

Aviation in Sudan, as for instance also in Congo, but generally across the African continent, has an appalling safety record with a multiple average accident rate compared to global averages. Aviators known to this correspondent in the Sudan have confirmed that aviation oversight and the regulatory regime in the Sudan needs a major overhaul to instill the discipline and compliance needed for safe air operations.