Lufthansa generates operating profit of EUR 130m in 2009


In a difficult financial year 2009 the Lufthansa Group generated revenue of
EUR 22.3bn according to preliminary figures, around 10 per cent less than
the previous year (EUR 24.8bn).

The Group achieved its target of earning an operating profit, reaching a figure of EUR 130m (previous year: EUR 1.3bn).

The net loss for the period came to EUR 112m (previous year: net profit of
EUR 542m). Last year’s figures have been restated in line with measurement
changes required by IFRIC 13.

Given the net losses reported in the consolidated and individual financial
statements of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, the Executive Board will propose not to
distribute a dividend for the financial year 2009.

The financial statements and the full annual report for 2009 will be
published on 11 March 2010. The information will be available on the
internet from 8:00 CET at