A380 makes maiden commercial flight to Africa


Air France (AF) last week commenced the use of the A380 between Paris and Johannesburg, the first airline to fly the giant aircraft commercially to Africa on scheduled services.

AF presently operates 10 flights a week between France and South Africa and the A380 will initially make three return trips before the beginning of April when the aircraft will go on daily flights. At that stage, the airline will move to 7 flights a week, from presently 10 a week, owing to the substantial increase in seat capacity by the use of the 538 seater aircraft.

Said the source of the information in Johannesburg: “We are proud to make aviation history for Africa by becoming the first commercial A380 destination on the continent. Ahead of the FIFA World Cup this is a big boost for seat capacity on the route, which will help carry more visitors to South Africa for the tournament. This is great news for us.”