Aya brothers push back Kamapala Hilton opening once again


The Aya brothers have gone public once again, this time shifting the opening dates of their Hilton hotel project in Kampala to September of this year.

The owners are reported to have said: “This is not a simple project. Transportation of constructions materials from Mombasa is also a problem, because Uganda is a land locked country.” They then added, as reported in one of Uganda’s dailies, “Besides, the standard of this type of hotel requires one to take time.” How this works with a previous statement that they would finish “a floor a week” is not known.

The brothers had stated the hotel would be open for the Commonwealth Summit in November 2007, but after rapidly displacing the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation from its headquarters, not much happened, bringing about a series of negative reports about them and the project in the process. They also had the country’s president tell the media to lay off the brothers and stop interfering in their business, ditto to the legal fraternity, in spite of the brothers’ obvious failure so far to deliver a 5-star hotel in nearly 5 years.

The local media speak of the hotel, whose exterior structure is now complete, as being “dogged by controversies.” A site accident with a cargo lift killed workers last year and the group was in court with their lawyer over his fee demands for securing them a major loan agreement.