Who would punch a koala in the face? Super Bowl viewers can expect to see three strikes against the charming critter in an upcoming commercial promoting CareerBuilder.com. The ad advises “If you daydream of punching small animals…it may be time [for a career change].

Three strikes? You’re out, CareerBuilder! Anyone who daydreams of punching small animals doesn’t need a new career, he needs a new conscience.

I love koalas, and the top wildlife park to get up close and personal with this marvelous marsupial is at my all-time favorite, The Taronga Zoo, in Sydney, Australia. Perched atop a hill, the easiest way to explore this wonder from Down Under is by taking a sky tram to the top, then strolling downhill at leisure.

It is illegal in New South Wales to actually hold a koala, as they become stressed rather easily. To that end, in most area parks, koalas are nestled upon a cushion, and that is what you are actually holding, not the furry animal itself. Taronga Zoo allows visitors to enter the koala habitat area, but do not allow cuddling or petting, since the critters are in the zoo for protection, rather than as entertainment for the masses.

However, entertainment does play a strong role in the zoo. Twilight at Taronga is an annual music festival held weekends January through March; the concert series showcase the sunny Sydney summer, delectable picnics in great company and thrilling entertainment in an awe-inspiring environment. The panoramic view of Sydney’s skyline, from Opera House to Harbour Bridge, makes for an added bonus while seated for repast in Treetops alfresco cafĂ©.

Cruise ships dock at the International Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay (opposite the Opera House), which is also the terminus for the public transit ferries. Water ferries depart Circular Quay for the Taronga Zoo every quarter-past, and quarter-to the hour. See http://www.sydneyferries.info/ The enjoyable boat ride takes only twelve minutes to reach the zoo entrance.

If your journey to Oz includes Sydney, be certain not to miss the Taronga Zoo. It’s absolutely wild!

This article was written in response to the upcoming commercial the world will see this weekend during the Super Bowl. To view, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79tMMFja-Fw