Newest and most chic event venue in Berlin debuts

Guests and meeting planners invited to the summer party on July 2014 at “Spreespeicher in Berlin” on the occasion of the grand opening of the new “030 Eventloft” were able to learn more from t

Newest and most chic event venue in Berlin debuts

Guests and meeting planners invited to the summer party on July 2014 at “Spreespeicher in Berlin” on the occasion of the grand opening of the new “030 Eventloft” were able to learn more from the creators of the location complex about turning their vision into reality.

Having completed the largest part at the historic granary at the East Harbor in Berlin, an experienced catering crew was added to the team already at Spreespeicher.

The intent is to pay more attention to meetings beyond handling events in a traditional sense.

The event was exactly how someone would expect to experience a summer evening at a top location. In just a few steps, one could walk and experience the trendy scene and past companies, including MTV and Universal Music.

The impression of the East-Side Gallery, the longest sustained part of the Berlin Wall, as well as the spectacular view of the Oberbaumbruecke, are fresh in a visitor’s mind, who will have already reached the historic and monument-protected warehouse. The design of the warehouse and its mix of industrial charge and modern design will raise one’s curiosity.

At the reception, friendly staff will welcome guests. Their appearance will indicate the event today is a special one.

Before the official part of the event starts, and before all 300 guests arrive, there is enough time to examine rooms and areas more precisely.

The combination of space of the 2C Spreequarier and Capital Yard Golf Lounge along with the 030 Event Loft plus the Spreespeicher Terasse, is able to welcome about 1,500 guests.

Generous lounge corners, photo actions, bartender shows, and the different catering stations add to a fun atmosphere and fill the spaces. One will notice that today’s mission is to showcase what Sprespeicher is all about.

Ordering a pancake turns into an experience of art, where onlookers will be able to detect their own face in the pancake – only one of the many highlights.

New ideas and more ambitions

The two CEOs of Spreespeicher Event GmbH then welcome their guests. Robert Hoyer gives a picture taking guests back four years, and reports about challenges and mishaps, when everything started at the location. It appears flooding of the rooms in 2013 was surely one of the most embarrassing situations.

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The reason for the flooding was actually a guest. He pulled a heater off the wall, and the entire location, including the oak parquet floor, was under water as a result.

“At that time, this was the end of the world for us, because it happened in the first week of the Christmas holiday season. We thought we would have had to cancel all Christmas events, because of the oak parquet damage. But we were able to handle it!” remembers Hoyer. Proudly he added: “We are the most professional event location in all of Berlin and are known to make fans out of our guests. We love honest referrals; and we give extraordinary service. This was always our vision. In the meantime, we moved a lot closer to this goal.”

After that, Fabian Lau took the microphone. He announced the start of their own catering department and asked the new chef to come to the stage. The next presentation was by chef Alexander Schoeny. He has his own kitchen philosophy. This philosophy is not only for five-star kitchens to get ready for catering, to convert high-quality ingredients into gourmet products, but to lead a kitchen team that has fun and loves to cook – and the end product shows.

The masters of this kitchen are not only known everywhere in Berlin, but also in Detroit, Tokyo, Paris, Geneva, and Zurich. They are responsible for various catering products.

“Here I have not only optimal conditions in being able to use newest techniques, but I am working with an out-of-the-ordinary team. Decisions are being made in an extremely short period of time, but the owners leave us all freedom for creativity – really great,” says a very sympathetic Schoeny. The many different and delicious catering offerings during the evening confirms the opinion by the chef.

Fabian Lau is not hiding his excitement about being able to work with his own catering team. It makes him even more flexible and professional to respond to customers’ needs.

He also made it clear that due to the possibility of combining multi-functional areas at the Spreespeicher, more conferences and congress events could be handled. “We will train our team to handle events of any kind. We will train them to use additional platforms,” he said, “even though for our clients, we are definitely not newcomers.”

CEP Fabian Lau was pleased to announce 030 Eventlofts applied to be awarded this year’s location award in the category “Newcomer Location.”

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