Victoria Hospital can take care of tourist health issues


While researching tourism-related matters during a recent visit to the islands it was also confirmed by staff at the main Victoria hospital, that they indeed have a decompression chamber available on the premises. This correspondent, arriving without a yellow fever certificate, was compelled to appear at the hospital for a health check up, which incidentally was done swiftly and professionally, and also provided the opportunity to check out some related issues on medical facilities.

Many tourists are concerned about falling ill on distant island locations during their vacation, but the facilities at the Seychelles main hospital were found adequate to deal with most urgent cases, rather than having to resort instantly to air ambulance evacuations.

In the specific case of divers ascending too fast, a fully-equipped decompression center is operational at the main hospital and can be a life saver for someone affected by the side effects of a botched dive. This is good news, as this information is not otherwise easily available.