Africa travel info on the web


A new website by Simba TravelCare was launched last week via, offering Ugandan travelers unprecedented direct access to bookings and travel information.

All interested parties have to do is to enter their destination, preferred travel dates, and the automated website then does the rest for them, ie, offer the most economical fares available on the market at the time of inquiry. Payment can be made through a Visa card or else a reservation can be made and then paid for at TravelCare within a certain period of time.

The agency is now also found on Twitter and Facebook for those who prefer to get updates on the web. According to the company’s own statemen,t this is a first for East Africa and will undoubtedly spur the rest of the market to follow suit soon or else be relegated into the pre “e” age.

The latest edition of Rwanda’s premier guide booklet, published every three months, is now available on the web again via – with all the updates of where to go, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do across “the land of the thousand hills.” For those visiting Rwanda, copies are available from the tourist information offices, leading hotels, lodges, and travel agents, or directly from your safari company, which you should ask to have your personal copy available when they meet you on arrival at the airport.

The Eye in Uganda is now available again in its web edition for those who cannot obtain a hard copy of the bimonthly publication. Find it via and read all about new places the Eye team has recently visited, updates on addresses and locations, and feature articles, including one by yours truly.

Across the border in Kenya, the premier web guide, coming out weekly and available by joining their extensive mailings list, even from people living far abroad, is “The Kenya Buzz” and that can be accessed via or otherwise write to .