Military World Winter Games comes to Italy


Seven hundred military athletes from 40 nations will face the snows of Val d’Aosta on March 20-25 to compete for the victory of the Military World Winter Games. This was announced by the head of tourism in the region Aurelio Marguettaz during a meeting with the media, which has unfolded in Milan.

For six days, the whole valley will be marked by a brilliant display of uniforms that are being addressed in various sports: skiing at the Nordic skiing, the biathlon, skiing guide, climbing at the biathlon Patrol, and the short track.

This will be the most important event of this year and will also be an opportunity to see some bold gray athletes compete to bring home the prestigious trophy.

For the Organizing Committee this is also an exceptional commitment because, for example, to compete in the climbing event, athletes must demonstrate their skills on an indoor wall before tackling the selection and then fighting for the final. There will be a very spectacular race of the biathlon, target shooting, and cross country.

Always particularly attractive will be the giant slalom, and just as interesting, the other races will certainly draw fans of the various subjects Brusson (for the biathlon and patrol), a Cogne (Nordic ski races and ski orientation), a Courmayeur (climbing and short-track), Gressoney-Saint-Jean (Alpine skiing women’s giant slalom and slalom), a Flassin of Saint-Oyen (Alpine skiing), and a ile Gressan (Alpine skiing men’s slalom and giant slaom).

The opening ceremony of the games takes place on March 20 at 5:00 pm in Aosta, where the delegations of nations will march, starting from Republic Square to Chamoux Square in the heart of the city.

All awards will be held in Aosta at 6:00 pm. On March 25, the flame of this first edition of Military World Games winter will be extinguished.