South Florida launches new tourism campaign


Miami – South Florida depends on the tourism industry like almost no other area in the country. After a dismal 2009, local and state leaders are hoping a new program will help solidify the tourism industry in South Florida, and the focus of the campaign is on Floridians.

President of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, William Talbert says Miami’s hotels have been able to draw in tourists, but times are tough all over.

“Last year was probably the worst year in history for global tourism,” Talbert said.

Enter, the new Share a Little Sunshine Campaign.

State tourism leaders have created an online marketing tool encouraging you to send coupons and discounts along with an e-postcard, or even a video convincing your friends and family to come visit the Sunshine State.

“It’s a simple premise, invite your friends, your family, your loved ones to share a little sunshine, share the paradise we all live in and help the Florida economy, help us out of these economic times,” said “Visit Florida” President Chris Thompson.

Governor Charlie Crist stopped by the beachfront news conference held behind the Loews Hotel to rally behind the new campaign. The governor said: “Promoting tourism is such an important part of my job and all Floridians’ jobs, it’s important to get the word out about how beautiful our state is.”

They hope you’ll also be encouraged to invite your friends and family in, to help generate cash for our community coffers. It works for Connecticut native Matt Neary and his family and friends. They visit South Beach every year, though they have never seen marketing for it in Connecticut.

“We’re visiting grandma, she’s got a place on Collins we come here every year around this time. We check in on her, make sure everything’s ok and enjoy the sunshine,” said Neary.