Luanda Carnival is a big hit with tourists


Luanda – The tourists who watched the main parade of the Luanda Carnival, held on Tuesday, considered it surprising, mainly due to the “good performance of the groups”.

Speaking to ANGOP at the end of the parade by the 14 groups of competitors, the tourists expressed satisfaction and delight at the unique manner in which the Angolans celebrate the carnival.

According to the Israeli Amir Carmeli, the event was thrilling, mainly as a result of the liveliness of the performers who expressed the choreographies and preserved culture very well.

“I am in Angola for four days, but I was able to notice that these exhibitions, the way of dressing and singing, is typical of the Angolan people. This shows to what extent is the national culture is recognised”, he stressed.

Amir Carmeli informed that she will tell her family and friends about the parade and convince them to watch this festivity in Angola.

Ross Maseko, of Swaziland, considers that the Angolan carnival has a very happy particularity, with live colours, highlighting their dances, having added that “what is similar to her country is the valorisation of event due to the presence of the Head of State”.

On her turn, the French Ana Muller informed that she came to Angola at the invitation of a friend to watch the event, which in her view had an excellent quality.