Rwanda and Congo resume aviation cooperation


Leaving the bad old days behind them, Rwanda and Congo have resumed cooperation in the aviation field, following a series of exploratory talks culminating in the signing of a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) last weekend in Kigali.

The MOU will permit RwandAir to fly from Kigali to such places like Kinshasa, while Congolese airlines in turn can fly again into Rwanda. The cooperation was halted in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide, when the perpetrators fled into the Congo and found safe haven from where they continued to launch hit-and-run attacks on Rwanda, although more recent military cooperation and the exchange of intelligence has helped to improve the situation and relations between the erstwhile foes.

RwandAir had some time ago already indicated their desire to fly to Kinshasa again from later this year, when additional aircraft have joined their fleet. It is understood that RwandAir is in the process of procuring office space in Kinshasa and will in due course begin their final stage of operational preparations and marketing the new destinations.