Study-In Travel 2010 to run concurrently with Riyadh Travel Fair


If you are active in the education sector, you will not want to let this opportunity pass you by to take part in the Riyadh Travel Fair 2010 that is running concurrently with Study-In Travel 2010. The exhibition will provide you with an opportunity to attract large numbers of Saudi students that are being sent abroad for study in King Abdullah’s Program for Foreign Study, which currently provides scholarships for study abroad to around 62,000 Saudi students.

This event will provide you the opportunity to come into direct contact with a large number of secondary school graduates, university students, educators, academics, planners, and decision makers in the field of higher education.

It will afford you the opportunity to present your academic programs to a variety of visitors, including individuals, as well as educational and academic institutions, and all others concerned with higher education.

It will also give you an opportunity to sign agreements for international cooperation with institutions and organizations in the realm of higher education both inside the Kingdom, as well as abroad.

And finally, it will afford you the opportunity to meet partners and clients who are licensed to operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi capital of Riyadh will witness start of the Second Session of the Riyadh Travel Fair 2010 at the Riyadh International Exhibitions Center, organized by Asas Exhibitions & Conferences Org. Co. for the second consecutive year with participation from a number of global touristic organizations and bodies; Saudi and international companies operating in travel, tourism, touristic investment, and touristic services sectors; and high education corporations and universities.

The fair aims to promote the efforts of exhibitions and conferences tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, identify its competitive capabilities, promote cooperation among travel and tourism companies, provide opportunities of investment in the tourism sector, support touristic development efforts, and exchange experiences among companies operating in this area.

Bandar Al-Qarini, general manager of Asas Exhibitions & Conferences Org. Co., showed that Riyadh Travel Exhibitions 2010 aims to emphasize the distinctiveness of the Saudi touristic product, considering the same as a model for clean and disciplined tourism, supporting the efforts of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiques in investing in exhibitions and conferences tourism, identifying features of tourism industry development on local Arabian and international levels, monitoring the most prominent developments affecting the travel and tourism market, and laying cooperation and communication bridges among all bodies operating in the area of tourism.

Mr. Al-Qarini stated that this exhibition, which lasts for four days, provides a golden opportunity to realize the competitive advantages of tourism markets around the world, in the lead of which is the Saudi market, which witnessed a significant development in capabilities, products, and investment opportunities. This market provides a great opportunity for all participating bodies to identify its distinctive elements and services provided by the same.

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