Seychelles office of the president issues statement on tourism


The following statement was received from the press office of State House in Victoria, Seychelles, in regards to the tourism sector:

President James Michel has called on the Seychelles tourism industry to continue to work with a unity of purpose, teamwork, determination, and focus in order to maintain the momentum gained in last year’s marketing campaigns and strong arrival figures.

“I firmly believe that we can develop even more fruitful partnerships between the public and private sectors to make training in the tourism sector even more effective. This is one of the challenges that I ask that we take up today,” said President Michel.

President James made the remarks during his opening address of the 2010 Seychelles Tourism Marketing Meeting at the International Conference Centre on January 27, 2010.

The President noted that the marketing meeting was a key event for building partnerships, adding that, “It means we believe that, together, we are ready for the future!”

The President said that last year’s tourism ‘Affordable Seychelles’ campaign ensured that the country maintained visitor arrivals while also increasing the bed occupancy level for the small, Seychellois-owned establishments. President Michel added that with the reopening of the Seychelles Tourism Board UK Office, the strengthening of all other Seychelles Overseas Offices, and the repositioning of Seychellois nationals in our overseas offices, the tourism industry was experiencing a revitalization.

The President also welcomed the new level of cooperation between Seychelles diplomatic missions abroad and tourism offices.

“The heightened cooperation between the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is opening new avenues for our country overseas, maximizing our resources, and opening doors for our nationals to proudly represent our country. I will continue to champion Seychelles’ tourism credentials as part of our foreign policy.”

Last year the President traveled to China, South Korea, and the Middle East, where tourism promotion formed part of a key component of his discussions and visits.

Meanwhile, in a different development on the islands, President James Michel has applauded the decision by FIFA to invite a Seychellois referee to be part of the upcoming World Cup refereeing team in South Africa, saying that the government and people of Seychelles were proud of this achievement, while wishing the ref all the best of success for his matches.