New resort opened on Mahe Island


A new resort on Mahe Island opened its doors with initially 24 suites operational, located near the marine park and Ramsar site mangrove forest at Port Launay. The hotel, set amidst a staggering 120 hectares of tropical forest and gardens, will in due course offer 184 suites and villas to its guests, alongside a handful of variety ethnic restaurants, sporting facilities, and a spa so large, it has to be seen to be believed. The final number of rooms, suites, and villas is thought to reach nearly 350, which if correct, would make it the largest resort complex on the entire Seychelles islands.

The balance of the suites and villas will open ahead of the Easter season at which time all building work will have been completed. The Constance Ephelia Resort details and pictures can be accessed via .

It was also learned that there were misgivings and opposition towards the building of the resort on this location due to the potential impact of building activities, and the inevitable fallout, in regard of the marine park and the adjoining Ramsar site, where an extensive mangrove forest is located across which the access bridge to the peninsula has been constructed. While an EIA and mitigative measures may well have been agreed between the developers and the respective governmental bodies, the concern is nevertheless to be taken seriously, as mangroves are proving to be more sensitive than previously thought, even along the Eastern African shore lines, and tampering with a Ramsar site or developing nearby is never being passed over by the international watch dogs and NGOs.