Air Seychelles CEO attends talks on aviation security


Capt. David Savy, the executive chairman of Air Seychelles, attended the recent talks between IATA and the US government about aviation security, on behalf of several airlines in Africa and the Indian Ocean region. The summit meeting was held in Geneva at the IATA headquarters and brought together the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano; the top brass of IATA; and CEOs of 12 airlines; with another dozen airlines represented at the senior management level.

Following Capt. Savy’s presentation, the airline released the following details. Capt. David Savy of Air Seychelles, representing the African and Indian Ocean region, acknowledged that his particular geographical area had a number of challenges that needed addressing urgently, otherwise Africa risked becoming a soft target in this mounting security threat. He feared that Africa would be the weak link in the chain, and this may well be exploited by those intent in causing maximum destruction.

“Africa has to identify funding sources and develop more meaningful mechanisms in providing training, technology, and better infrastructure to those that are entrusted in making sure that the traveling public are safe and secure,” Capt. Savy said.

Furthermore, Capt. Savy pointed out that a significant number of African governments and national security agencies do not have the financial resources to meet US requirements in the short term. He suggested that if funding was to be made available by the US government, it should be used primarily on training and technology.

Responding directly to Capt. Savy’s intervention, Secretary Napolitano expressed her appreciation of what had been said and once again reiterated the US’s commitment in helping those who were committed to ensuring better and more effective security.