Culture and heritage to be part of Seychelles tourism product development


Following the recent appointment of a new national arts council, and in line with the declaration of the Seychelles Tourist Board to add heritage, art, culture, crafts, music, and fashion to their list of promotable attractions, yet more activities are unfolding to aid and support those goals.

Work is now underway to restore the main plantation house at La Plaine St. Andre into a tourist attraction, which upon restoration and infrastructural work will offer restaurant and bar facilities, besides being turned into a living museum. Also available is gallery space for exhibitions and shows by local artists, giving them a first showcase to promote their creations. A herb and medicinal plant garden is also to be restored and guided walks across the extensive estate will be possible for tourists and local visitors alike.

The project, which will also provide visitor center services, is expected to be finalized by August this year at which stage a Creole festival is being hosted on site to be followed by regular other such events. At least 20 young Seychellois will be finding employment at the project.

The plantation house was reportedly first built in 1792 when the estate produced spices and sugar cane before shifting to copra and coconut oil production in the 19th century.