Kenya Airways releases quarterly results


Recent information received from sources in Nairobi show that the “Pride of Africa’s” bottom line results and flight performance stats are progressively returning to the pre-crisis levels. In particular, traffic across Eastern Africa rose by an impressive 20 percent, likely due to increased frequencies into Bujumbura, Moroni, Seychelles, Kigali, and other destinations. West Africa recorded a 19 percent increase, while traffic to Southern Africa also showed improved performances with an over 15 percent rise compared to the same period last year.

All figures correspond to the October–December quarter. European flights are still somewhat below par although a recovery is said to have began there, too, while flights to the Middle East, India, and the Far and South East have added 3 percent.

Domestic operations are down but only due to temporarily taking Kisumu off the schedules when runway repairs and extension was underway last year, while flights to Lamu and Malindi were taken off the schedule too due to lack of suitable aircraft after the Saab turboprops suitable for landing in Lamu and Malindi were retired from the fleet.