Kenya tourists can now opt to stay connected


Safaricom, Kenya’s leading mobile phone provider, has launched an Internet access platform available for tourist and business visitors. A week’s subscription costs a mere 999 Kenya shillings.

A similar offer is also on the market for the Orange 3G network, which the company claims is available in most parts of Kenya and can be received, depending on nearby transmission towers and coverage, of course, while other networks offer 3G only in the major urban centers and then reduce to GPRS or EDGE connections further upcountry, at much slower speeds and performance of course.

The only gadget required is a plug-in USB modem, which can be purchased for 1.999 Kenya shillings, bringing the cost of connectivity to just over US$50 for a two-week stay. The offer was launched last week but came a shade too late for this correspondent, who traveled to the more remote places of Kenya and sadly had to stay out of touch – not at the next visit though!