DUBAI – The Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has set new future strategic plans that coincide with the new regional and international trends, confirming that the emirate of Dubai highly encourages open policies and enhances the distinctive services provided by its national airline.

This was announced by Mr. Mohamed Khamis Bin Hareb, executive director of marketing and operations, during the promotional campaign that is organized by the DTCM in Saudi Arabia from January 11-17, which was attended by the department’s senior officials and 40 tour operators and hotels. Mr. Bin Hareb explained that the number of flights between Dubai and Saudi airports are increasing enormously. He said, “Such cooperation embodies the bilateral relations between them and the trust in the services provided by Dubai to Saudi families along with the Arabic and Islamic traditions and cultures.”

Mr. Bin Hareb also added that the promotional campaign headed to Khobar, Jeddah, and Riyadh were attended by lots of tour operators and travel agencies in addition to various Saudi mass media. The campaigns presented lots of workshops that were of high interest to Saudi culture and stressed increasing flights between Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

“We do understand the high demand of tourism between Saudi Arabia and Dubai, therefore, we provided all the means and facilities to achieve this goal. Our promotional campaign carrying the title, “Weekend Promotions,” was launched from Wednesday to Saturday with reasonable prices, bearing in mind the privacy of the gulf society and the desire of Saudi families to spend the weekend in a family and entertainment atmosphere.”

The executive director of operations and marketing, leader of the team, assured that Dubai is still the most suitable city for family tourism due to the diverse activities, shopping, and entertainment activities it provides in addition to the nature of the emirate and the splendid weather during this time of the year.

Furthermore, around 230 participants from Saudi Arabia representing travel, tourism agencies, and media expressed their gratitude to the efforts of the emirate of Dubai and their interest in the Saudi market referring to the professionalism of the Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing in organizing this important event with the participation of 40 tourism and travel agencies and hotels.

The Saudi travel and tourism agencies suggested lots of important topics such as increasing flights between Dubai and KSA to 100 percent due to the great demand of Saudi tourism to Dubai. In addition, they requested travel agencies to consider the interest of tourists and visitors in Dubai.

Moreover, the Saudi travel and tourism agencies praised the offers presented by the emirate of Dubai especially during the Dubai Shopping Festival, the decrease of hotel fares up to 40 percent, as well as the weekend special promotions for the gulf region which included 40 hotels, 3-5 hotel apartments, as well as the luxurious hotels of the emirate.

The special weekend promotional campaign provides special rates for the gulf region families ranging between free services to children and discounts up to 50 percent on attached rooms. The workshops also stressed the importance of organizing open dialogues between the travel agencies, delegations, and the cultural festivals taking place in the emirate of Dubai.

Ali ElZayat, DTCM representative in Saudi Arabia, explained that the promotional campaign was issued as part of the department’s plan to introduce the emirate’s tourist programs that have become one of the major constituents of the emirate in order to satisfy the demands of gulf region tourists. He said, “As a result of this important promotional campaign, one of the tour operators announced his intention to host the annual meeting for one of the largest Saudi automobile companies next February, and we are now under the process of signing the contract.”

Mohammad Khamis Bin Hareb expressed his happiness over the preliminary results of the visit and the reception of Saudi travel and tour operators.