Southern Sudan Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism says stop poaching or else


The Undersecretary (elsewhere referred to as a Permanent Secretary) in the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, Prof. Frazer Tong, last week directed his enforcement units to stop commercial poaching across the southern national parks and protected areas with immediate effect, saying that this creeping menace was a threat to the south’s efforts to progressively restore park infrastructure and start earning tourism revenues, which in turn can create employment. In his briefing, he reportedly stressed to the media that the wanton killing of wild animals for commercial use poses a great threat to wildlife conservation, and as a government they do not encourage such criminal practices.

He added: “Wildlife contributes to the national economy through tourism because of being cognizant of the role in the national economy; the ministry has issued strict and strong orders banning the killing. We are also aware of the spread of unlicensed firearms among [the] local population across the regions making it possible to imperil wildlife existence in good number.” In closing he added that wardens were being deployed in strategic wildlife areas and forests to reduce the killing of animals for commercial use by poachers.