The [Trinidad and Tobago] government’s vision, competence and strategy has to be questioned.

If there is one country in the world that should not be this badly affected by the world economic crisis is Trinidad and Tobago. If we had real leaders with real vision, knowledge and understanding of how the world and its economics work, we would not have this problem on our hands today.

Instead, we have adolescents as leaders, they see some money coming in and thinking it will never end, they go on their lustful and arrogant spending spree, calling it infrastructure and Vision 20/20. Just like a drug addict or welfare recipient who can’t manage their financial or life affairs, that is what we have as a government.

So, if all the extravagant spending over the last five years was infrastructure, how is it going to help us today and in the frightening tomorrows ahead?

What we have in Trinidad and Tobago is a government with Vision -20/-20.