Visa now required before entry to Burundi


It was learned earlier in the week that Burundi has apparently changed their entry policy to the country for foreign visitors, now demanding that every visitor obtains a visa through a Burundi diplomatic mission first before flying into Bujumbura.

The tiny central African country apparently does not seem to want visitors, as all other EAC member states offer visa on arrival at a cost of course, while Rwanda offers FREE visitor’s passes for a sizeable number of nationalities coming to the country, one reason for their ongoing success in bringing in more tourists year after year.

Burundi is also notorious for distributing little, if any, information about their tourism attractions, leaving this correspondent to wonder if they even want tourism to flourish and create income and job opportunities as seen across the region or remain in relative isolation while struggling to cope with the aftermath of their long civil strife. Hence, it is barbs for Burundi this week.