More controversy over hunting in Uganda


Recent reports sent to this correspondent speak of yet more hunting permits to be given by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, this time in the northeastern Karamoja region, where such reserves as Pian Upe or the Kidepo National Park are located.

One official was reportedly quoted in the local press as saying that tourists can now kill animals for money and take the trophies and skins, a particularly crude way of talking away the blood sport’s fallout.

Tourism operators and conservationists are now expected to launch another broadside against this decision, as they allege that transparency is missing in the decisions. Scientific data and research, largely lacking to back up such consumptive activities.

A moratorium on hunting, as previously demanded, would give time to study game numbers, game distribution, and allow for informed decisions once all data are on table. Stakeholders can then, in a consultative manner, participate in shaping policy.