Hunan plans to distribute tourism coupons


The government issued tourism coupons can be used as cash for package tour at designated travel agencies or can be used as free tickets at designated scenic spots, as reported by Sanxiang City Express. Such “welfare”is about to come true: Hunan Tourism Bureau plans to start the first phase of the activity of “Hunan Scenery ? Hunan Travel – Hunanese Tour in Hunan” before the Spring Festival. Through lot drawing and other ways, one million yuan of tourism coupons will be given out to residents of Hunan province to encourage them to tour in Hunan.

  Yang Guangrong, director of Hunan Tourism Bureau, explained that last year, a series of negative factors such as ice disaster, earthquakes, and the international financial crisis have affected tourism in Hunan. Local tourists and tourists from other provinces tend to make a cautious consumption. In order to boost domestic tourism and expand tourist consumption, we need to take the initiative to activate tourism market in Hunan Province.

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  The activity will be launched before the Spring Festival, but the specific program has not yet been promulgated. Provincial Tourism Bureau revealed that residents can win the lottery through a variety of ways such as answering questions, sending instant messages,etc. 100 million yuan of tourism coupons may be given out in the form of “free travel lines”and “free tickets”. Details of this activity are reported to be released before January 25.