Dominican charged with murder of American tourist in Antigua held without bail


Dominican Tishara Daniel, charged with the murder of United States national Nina Elizabeth Nilssen in Antigua, was denied bail when he appeared before an All Saints Magistrate on Monday.

Daniel, 24, was remanded at Her Majesty’s Prison following his appearance before Senior Magistrate Asquith Riviere.

The Dominican man, a resident of Swetes Village in Antigua, was not allowed to plead since his charge is an indictable one to be tried before a judge and

Antigua police said Nilssen’s body was found in an isolated area at Winward Bay in the Pigeon Point Beach area on January 19 about 5 p.m. The 30-year-old Caucasian woman along with other family members arrived in Antigua aboard the Royal Clipper Cruise Ship to celebrate her sister’s wedding. The wedding party was having a barbeque on the beach on the night Nilssen was allegedly found dead lying on her back with a stab wound to her neck.

According to the Antigua Sun News an autopsy indicated that the San Francisco, California woman died as a result of hemorrhaging due to the stab wound.

This is Antigua’s first homicide for 2010.

The Antigua Sun News further stated that at a police press conference on Sunday information given to the media is that the police have what is believed to be the weapon used to commit the alleged murder. However, forensic testing will be done to verify that it is the actual murder weapon.

No motive has been established, and police have said there is no evidence of a robbery, according to an Antigua Sun article. However, a camera Nilssen had in her possession was retrieved by Daniel and is in the custody of the police.

Antigua’s Police Commissioner Thomas Bennett said Antigua and Barbuda is still a safe place to visit since crimes are rarely committed against tourists.

Daniel’s committal proceedings are set for 26 May, 2010.