Seychelles conservation groups to partner


Information was received from a source in Mahe that the Island Conservation Society and the D’Arros Research Centre have signed a memorandum of understanding. The two bodies already share a range of common objectives and may now jointly utilize scarce resources to make the best use of funding for their research and conservation programs across the archipelago’s many islands.

The Island Conservation Society presently runs two conservation centers, the first one opened on the island of Alphonse and a second one opened in the middle of last year on the island of Desroches. The D’Arros Research Centre is operating on the St. Joseph atoll and D’Arros island, and according to the source, the research results and findings are being shared to be better equipped to address ecological changes and challenges in coming years and also to pool capacity in making recommendations for remedies, as and where found necessary.

Also on the cards are joint training and educational programs, including possible joint applications for funding to international NGOs and global agencies. This latest development has all the hallmarks of forming a strong green alliance present in the Seychelles with added capacity of giving guidance and advice to both the government and private sector for future developments in regards to best international practice and green standards.