Appointment of new industry travel agency commissioners


Recently, the travel agency and airline industry representative organizations (ECTAA, UFTAA, WTAAA and IATA) jointly appointed travel agency commissioners to fill the posts left vacant by the departing incumbents who had retired or had indicated a wish not to be reappointed. The new appointees are:

– for Area One (except USA): Ms. Verónica Pacheco-Sanfuentes
[email protected]

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– for Area Two (Europe/Africa and Near East): Ms. Helene Cedertorn
[email protected]

– for Area Three (Asia/Pacific): Mr. Jo Foged
[email protected]

Fuller contact particulars can be obtained from the website of the Office of Travel Agency Commissioner: and will eventually appear in the next issue of the IATA Travel Agent’s Handbook.

The role of the travel agency commissioner is an important one for the IATA Agency Program since it offers accredited agents rapid, informal, and cost-effective access to possible remedies to problems encountered under that program. Recent experience shows that accredited agents are the principal users of the service, although IATA member airlines and IATA itself are also entitled to use it. The Office of the Travel Agency Commissioner is jointly financed by a periodic levy on IATA accredited agents, matched by a contribution from IATA, on behalf of its member airlines.