eTN editor in chief beaten unconscious in California


While vacationing in San Diego, California, Nelson Alcantara, editor in chief of eTurboNews, was violently attacked by an unknown person.

Nelson was leaving a night club on Friday morning when he witnessed a stranger beating on his wife or girlfriend. Not being able to just walk away and pretend he did not see what was going on, Nelson confronted the male and tried to get him to stop beating the woman. The male stranger then turned his anger on Nelson and beat him until he was unconscious.

Workers from a nearby convenience store called 911, and an ambulance arrived to take Nelson to a nearby hospital. He suffered from a concussion to his head along with cuts and bruises. He is currently in stable condition and recovering.

eTN publisher Juergen Steinmetz was in total disbelief upon receiving the phone call on Saturday morning from the San Diego hospital. Nelson has traveled to the far corners of the world and in some places most of us would hesitate to go, but he has always returned home safely. How sad that something like this occurred in California and because he was trying to help a fellow human being.

All of us at eTurboNews send our heartfelt wishes to Nelson for a speedy recovery and look forward to his return to Hawaii.

ETN readers can email Nelson at: ETN requests that people do not call Nelson’s mobile phone.