Japan Airlines aiming for swift revitalization from new board of directors


Beginning February 8, 2010, the Japan Airlines Group will have a new board of directors at the helm of its holding company, Japan Airlines Corporation (JALS), and of its main operating company Japan Airlines International (JALI).

In pursuit of a more streamlined management structure, the position of managing executive officer will be removed and the number of executive officers reduced by 12 from the previous team.

With a younger, slimmer top management that is expected to comprehensively draw up and speedily implement effective measures, the JAL Group is determined to achieve a swift revitalization of the company.

Under the new leadership of Mr. Kazuo Inamori as the JAL Group chairman and Mr. Masaru Onishi as president, both assuming office from February 1, 2010, the newly-appointed board members, executive officers, and every employee of the JAL Group will work collectively as one to continue offering customers flights of the highest safety and service levels.

Board of Directors of Japan Airlines International Co. Ltd.:

– Kazuo Inamori, Chairman
– Masaru Onishi, President, JAL Group COO; Chairman of Safety Enhancement Task Force / Customer Satisfaction Improvement Committee / Corporate Culture Reformation Committee / CSR Committee / Global Environmental Committee / Corporate Compliance and Business Risk Management Committee**
– Hisao Taguchi, Executive Vice President, Assistant to the President / Internal Control / Customer Satisfaction Improvement / Executive Secretariat Office**
– Hiroyasu Omura, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Human Resource Management / Industrial Relations / Medical Services**
– Chihiro Tamura, Senior Managing Executive Officer, General Manager, Corporate Safety & Security Division / Family Assistance & Support / Corporate Culture Reformation / Environmental Affairs**
– Hirohide Kamikawa, Executive Officer, Regional Manager, Tokyo & Eastern Japan
– Kunio Hirata, Executive Officer, Cargo & Mail / President of JAL Cargo Sales**
– Shigemi Kurusu, Executive Officer and General Manager, Corporate Planning**
– Hiroshi Ikeda, Executive Officer and President of JALways
– Yoshiharu Ueki, Executive Officer and General Manager, Flight Operations Division * **
– Tatsuhito Saikawa, Executive Officer and Deputy General Manager, Flight Operations Division / Vice President, Flight Planning and Administration, Flight Operations Division
– Tadao Sakai, Executive Officer and Deputy General Manager, Corporate Safety & Security Division**
– Tetsuro Sugawa, Executive Officer, Airport Operations Division / President of JAL Sky**
– Tsutomu Ando, Executive Officer, International Affairs Division / China Business Development
– Eiichi Yamaguchi, Executive Officer and Regional Manager, Osaka & Western Japan / President of JAL Sales Western Japan
– Susumu Fukushima, Executive Officer and Regional Manager Narita / Executive Vice President of JAL Sky / Vice President, Narita Airport
– Nobuhiro Sato, Executive Officer and General Manager, Engineering & Maintenance Division / President of JAL Engineering**
– Takashi Saito, Executive Officer and Deputy General Manager, Engineering & Maintenance Division / Maintenance Planning & Administration Office
– Manabu Sato, Executive Officer and Vice President, Office of the Trustees**
– Yoshito Shimizu, Executive Officer and President of JAL EXPRESS
– Tsuyoshi Yamamura, Executive Officer and President of J-AIR
– Junko Okawa, Executive Officer, Cabin Attendants Division* **
– Toshio Shinohara, Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of JAL Sky, Vice President Haneda Airport*
– Norikazu Saito, Executive Officer, Finance & Investor Relations / Accounting / Internal Control* **
– Tadashi Fujita, Executive Officer, Passenger Sales & Marketing Division / Asia & Oceania* **
– Toshiyuki Kawarabata, Executive Officer, Purchasing * **
– Arata Yasujima, Executive Officer and President of Japan Air Commuter*
– Toshiaki Norita, Executive Officer, Personnel * **
– Ryuzo Toyoshima, Executive Officer, General Administration / Public Relations / Strategic Corporate Relations / Legal Affairs and Compliance* **
– Hideki Kikuyama, Executive Officer and Deputy General Manager, Corporate Planning* **
– Hideo Ninomiya, Executive Officer, IT Services & Planning / Internal Control* **

Retirements from the board with effect from February 7, 2010:

– Katsuhiko Nawano, Executive Vice President
– Tetsuya Takenaka, Executive Vice President
– Kiyoshi Kishida, Executive Vice President
– Susumu Miyoshi, Senior Managing Executive Officer
– Masato Uehara, Senior Managing Executive Officer
– Toshio Annaka, Managing Executive Officer
– Shunichi Saito, Managing Executive Officer
– Masaaki Haga, Managing Executive Officer
– Atsuro Nishi, Managing Executive Officer
– Tetsuo Takahashi, Executive Officer
– Yoshimasa Kanayama, Executive Officer
– Toshinari Oshima, Executive Officer
– Takahiro Kato, Executive Officer**
– Yuji Okada, Executive Officer**
– Muneyuki Mitsui, Executive Officer
– Toshio Takahashi, Executive Officer
– Ichiro Morii, Executive Officer
– Katsuaki Suzuki, Executive Officer
– Yoriko Nagata, Executive Officer
– Yoshio Imajo, Executive Officer
– Keizaburo Yokota, Executive Officer**
– Kazuhiko Nishi, Executive Officer**

The following persons will remain in the company with their respective assignments:

• Takahiro Kato – Regional Manager, Nagoya & Central Japan
• Yuji Okada – CEO for Europe, Middle East & Africa Vice President & Regional Manager, UK and Ireland
• Keizaburo Yokota – Vice President & Regional Manager, Beijing
• Kazuhiko Nishi – Deputy Regional Manager, Tokyo & Eastern Japan / Corporate Accounts

* newly-appointed members

** members are also on the board of directors of Japan Airlines Corporation Co. Ltd.