Safi Airways announces interline agreements with 4 major carriers in the region


Safi Airways, the leading international carrier from Afghanistan, has announced interline agreements between Safi Airways and Lufthansa, United Airlines, Emirates, and Qatar Airways. The “interline agreements,” effective from February 2010, allow passengers traveling to Kabul from international destinations and back served by before-mentioned partners to benefit from reduced lead time and also enjoy single fare tickets from all these network airlines, which include the sector flown by Safi Airways.

The cooperation with United Airlines will be of special interest for US citizens who have to comply to the fly America act. The day flights from Kabul to Frankfurt with Safi Airways onto the United Flights to major US cities, with just 2 ½ hours connecting time, are fulfilling the conditions of the fly America act.

The interline tickets will be made available from February 1 onwards and will pave the way of seamless travel to Afghanistan. Qatar Airways will offer fares via the new Safi route from Kabul to Doha, which will be launched on March 6 with three weekly flights to the Qatar Airways hub. Daily flights will be introduced in this sector in late 2010.

Mr. Rahim Safi, chairman of Safi Airways enthused: “We are proud of achieving our goal of placing Afghanistan on the global map through our esteemed partners in the GCC and internationally and also being part of the international aviation fraternity, thus being able to offer our customers local prowess through western standards. We are confident of achieving further partnerships with other esteemed partners in the near future.”

The interline tickets, which will be made available, can be obtained through travel agencies across the globe and with the partner airlines as well. However, Safi Airways won’t be issuing tickets for the same for the time being.

Passengers will now require only one ticket to their destination, which will result in substantial savings. Safi Airways will, however, not be code-sharing with its partner airlines, which means that the Safi flight number will be valid throughout the passenger’s journey. Furthermore, passengers holding such interline tickets are entitled for standard treatment in case of flight interruptions; this would include rebooking to the next flight with no cost involved, rerouting via different cities without additional cost, and others.