Former Uganda tourism minister to retire from politics


The former Minister for Tourism, Trade, and Industry, Hon. Janat Mukwaya, announced last weekend her retirement from active politics, come the next general elections in early 2011. She will be standing down as a member of parliament for Mukono South constituency and most likely also as a government minister, having served in that capacity for over 15 years in various ministries and postings.

Mukwaya, who was shifted to the Prime Minister’s office as Minister for General Duties in a cabinet reshuffle, was rated poorly by observers and wide sections of the tourism sector while serving in the tourism ministry, following a sterling performance by previous office holder Hon. Daudi Migereko. She was known to be often absent, skipping meetings even with high-ranking visitors while also prompting the former chairman of the Uganda Tourism Board to resign over unfulfilled promises of funding, alleged lack of support, and non-availability for meetings.