The smartest new travel agency tool


Since 1971, leading travel insurance provider, TravelSafe Insurance, has been protecting travelers with groundbreaking products, benefits, services, and competitive pricing.

The good news, going into 2010, is that protecting clients with TravelSafe’s industry leading benefits is now as unique as the itineraries you create and easier than ever before. Here’s a heads up to a new smart tool that will change how you and your agency do business.

The industry is being revolutionized by TravelSafe and their partnership with Travel Related Insurance Services, Inc. (TRIP), who, along with BookingBuilder Technologies, is providing travel agents with access to the fully-automated TravelSafe Smart Button. The TravelSafe Smart Button is an easy, streamlined way to sell travel insurance and will rapidly become the smart tool of the year for savvy travel professionals. A transaction can be completed in only 4 clicks!

As many travel professionals are aware, travel protection is often overlooked by clients until they are half way around the world with an issue and wish they had purchased coverage. Now more than ever it is important for your clients, whether on a business or leisure trip, to protect themselves and their travel expenses. It is equally important that you protect yourself by offering travel insurance in the event they have an issue during a trip you arranged. With the Smart Button, providing TravelSafe’s comprehensive travel insurance benefits is easier and faster than ever before.

The TravelSafe Smart Button is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install software application that brings the searching, quoting, and purchasing process all together in one screen. Once loaded into your agency GDS or non-GDS system, the TravelSafe Smart Button will automatically generate a travel insurance quote as part of every itinerary you create. If a client wishes to decline the protection, the TravelSafe Smart Button documents the coverage that was offered, reducing travel agent liability exposure. Consider the TravelSafe Smart Button to be your insurance policy against litigation from clients who unwisely decline travel protection.

Most of all, agents will enjoy increased sales and profits as each itinerary has a customized quote for clients to purchase, which is automatically added to the invoice along with the other line items. No other travel insurance software on the market offers this invaluable feature that reduces your liability and exposure while at the same time protecting your client’s welfare and peace of mind.

Travel professionals who use the TravelSafe Smart Button will earn top-tier commissions with minimal time spent on the process, while effortlessly providing their clients with easy to understand, comprehensive travel protection. Known within the industry as the “gold standard” for travel insurance, TravelSafe Insurance offers a diverse range of travel insurance products, including the industry leading “Cancel For Any Reason” benefit providing up to 100 percent cash back along with their acclaimed agent “Commission Protection.” From luxury travel to groups, families, and individuals, TravelSafe provides world-class global travel insurance solutions.

Did we mention there is absolutely no cost for access to the TravelSafe Smart Button? Agents and agencies authorized to offer TravelSafe products can obtain this breakthrough tool by calling 800.523-8020 or emailing . Or, if you are not currently offering TravelSafe and are interested in offering your clients TravelSafe products, utilizing the smartest travel agent tool we’ve seen in a long time, call or email to qualify your eligibility. Travel well and go further in 2010 with TravelSafe.