Tanzania tour operator offers belated response to elephant controversy


Late last year this correspondent featured an item of a camp manager in Tanzania’s Serengeti national park gone who had gone AWOL when an elephant carcass was found near the camp with its tusks missing.

Sources in Arusha have provided information that apparently his employers, the “& Beyond” company from South Africa, formerly the Conservation Corporation Africa, has seen it fit to give what has been described as a belated lukewarm response.

The report adds that the company claimed that “the directors were on holiday,” hence their inability to respond in a more timely fashion – not acceptable in this day and age of mobile phones and emails, in particular over such a crucial matter, where the Tanzanian authorities have a criminal investigation underway to establish who took the tusks and where those tusks went.

In contrast to the company’s PR whirlwind, the relevant authorities concerned with the case continue to demand answers. According to one source in Arusha the statement by “& Beyond” is a smokescreen and cover up.

“& Beyond’s” response claimed the manager, who left the country just when the controversy erupted and become public knowledge, was still with them and was in any case due to be transferred to another safari property elsewhere. The company said he was willing to cooperate with the investigations.