More ferries planned for island traffic in Ssese Island chain


It was learned that the government of Uganda is in the process of procuring additional ferry services for the transportation of both passengers and goods to and from the Ssese Island chain in Lake Victoria. The measure is aimed to support the growing traffic volumes and make journeys easier and faster, using the Bukakata ferry landing site near Masaka as point of origin.

The present government-owned single ferry, which proved unreliable and is too small, will then go into an overhaul and may, after the work is done, be relocated to other places where ferry transport is needed.

Tourism is potentially a big winner for the lake island economies and only needs easily available transport as a range of hospitality businesses has opened for clients in recent years. The new ferries will be privately owned and operated, will enjoy an initial 8-year monopoly, but are subject to governmental approvals and licensing for operations, fares, and routes. The ferries will also be subject to annual safety inspections as required by law and the insurance companies offering maritime services.