World Travel Awards puts out call for nominations


Self nomination has now opened for the World Travel Awards 2010, with leading organizations invited to enter themselves in the most prestigious awards in the travel and tourism industry.

The World Travel Awards is described by the Wall Street Journal as the Oscars of the global travel industry. It is aimed at recognizing best practice within the industry and encouraging organizations worldwide to raise the customer travel experience to new levels of excellence.

Being a nominee is a powerful way for top players to demonstrate to both the industry and the consumer that they have created a top-of-the-range travel product.

Applicants are invited to describe what distinguishes their organization from the opposition, including the innovations and best practices that they feel are breaking new ground in travel. They are also encouraged to submit supporting material such as images, videos, and power-point presentations.

Applicants can choose from 998 categories to nominate themselves. These are divided into regions and cover a wide spectrum of categories. Examples include “Europe’s Leading Hotel Brand,” “Asia’s Leading Airline,” “Middle East’s Leading Luxury Hotel,” “North America’s Leading Boutique Hotel,” and “South America’s Leading Green Hotel.”

Graham Cooke, president and founder, World Travel Awards, said: “We experienced a surge in the number of travel companies applying for nomination in 2009 because winning a World Travel Award is an excellent way to stand up and be counted at [a] time when marketing budgets are tight. We expect a similar increase in 2010, especially as an ever-growing number of travelers use the awards to assist them in making their holiday choices.

“The World Travel Awards is a symbol of travel excellence guaranteed and a gold seal to both the travel trade and the consumer that your brand stands in a class of its very own. More multinational companies than ever, ranging from Etihad Airways and TAP Portugal to InterContinental Hotels and Disney, are spearheading their global marketing campaigns with their World Travel Awards victories.”

The World Travel Awards 2010 nominations will be announced on March 10. The official entry form can be downloaded at, with the deadline for receipt of entries being January 31, 2010.