Friend a Gorilla needs extra boost


The gorilla conservation campaign, launched during the UN Year of the Gorilla 2009 by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, has sadly lagged behind projected friend numbers, as during a recent visit to the website only 13,587 friendships had been entered into via Facebook and Twitter, each contributing a modest US$1 as a minimum fee. Further contributions can be made and are most welcome – as much as one can muster in financial terms.

This correspondent continues to encourage visits to this site and hopes that the number of gorilla friends can double, triple, or grow even more during 2010 for the benefit of wildlife conservation and in particular to support the endangered mountain gorillas.

Meanwhile it was also reported that the Nkuringo group near Clouds Safari Lodge added another newborn baby to the group, which now has 20 members. The newly-born’s sex has not yet been determined, and a naming will only take place once the gender is established.