The Arab Tourism Forum coming to Egypt


On the occasion of selecting Alexandria “The Arab capital for tourism for 2010,” World Promotion Center is honored to organize “The Arab Tourism Forum.”
The event will be held from May 15-17, 2010 at the Hilton Green Plaza, Alexandria, under the patronage of the Egyptian Hotel Association.

The forum will take place during times when the world is witnessing drastic economic changes that require significant cooperation between Arab countries in order to overcome the obstacles facing tourism between Arab countries and to guarantee the sustainability of development in the Arab world.

Alexandria has always been the destination for enlightenment, intellect, and guidance, and this event represents an invitation for a new way of thinking, creativity, and cooperation to boost Arab tourism, which is one of the main economic pillars in Arab countries.

Egyptian companies involved in the travel and tourism industry, Arab thought-leaders, and industry experts involved in this field are all encouraged to participate in “The Arab Tourism Forum.”

“The Arab Tourism Forum” will be a strategic business platform for industry leaders and practitioners to meet and develop new business relationships, as well as exchange knowledge and expertise and bring the most pressing issues up for in-depth discussion and analysis.