Most travelers comfortable with full body scan


In the national State of the American Traveler survey conducted this week by Destination Analysts, nearly half of American leisure travelers feel that airport passenger screening techniques are inadequate. Forty-seven percent of American leisure travelers reported they either “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that airport screening techniques were not sufficient. Only one-in-five travelers believe that passenger screening is adequate.

Travelers are also seven times more likely to prefer full-body scanning technology versus pat downs at security checkpoints. In a follow-up question, Destination Analysts discovered that the majority (57 percent) of travelers are either “comfortable” or “extremely comfortable” with the use of such technologies – with only about 16 percent being “uncomfortable” or “extremely uncomfortable” with full-body scans.

Other notable early findings of the study include Americans’ expectations for their future travel and spending appears to be on the mend. Thirty-three percent expect to increase the number of leisure trips they will take in the coming year, up from 28 percent last July. Meanwhile, only 14 percent of American leisure travelers expect to cut back on their travel, compared with 20 percent last July. Similar improvements were seen in expectations for spending on leisure travel, with both areas approaching 2008 pre-recession levels.

“We expect to see modest increases in domestic leisure travel and spending in the upcoming year,” said Erin Francis-Cummings, managing partner of Destination Analysts. “Despite economic pressures and security threats and uncertainty, Americans are more upbeat about their travel prospects than they were six months ago.”