Tourism Fiji to spend US$672,000 on CNN TV blitz


A two-month advertising blitz by Tourism Fiji on CNN will cost no less than $672,000. Tourism Fiji CEO Josefa Tuamoto said the money was spent in an attempt to broaden Fiji’s visitor market base.

The development comes as the tourism marketing arm of the state prepares to launch more than US$18,000 in advertisements on British Airways’ domestic and international flights.

“We are using new vehicles like CNN and Nat Geo to broaden our market base,” Mr. Tuamoto said. “This will be followed up by cooperative efforts with key trade partners in various local markets. We are tapping into South America where there is great potential for outbound travel.”

Mr. Tuamoto said that this year Tourism Fiji would work on consolidating its position in traditional source markets of Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

“We are also expanding our position in markets such Hong Kong, India, and China,” he said. “This is in light of the recent introduction of flights from HK to Fiji by our national carrier, Air Pacific. In addition, we’re looking at better feeds into HK from UK and Europe through Cathy Pacific’s arrangement with Air Pacific.

“We’re also looking at reconsolidating our position in Japan and Guam in view of the recent introduction of Continental Micronesia. In terms of pull-strategy, we will use the electronic media, as well as print as the main vehicles, supported by our substantive PR network globally.”