Bangkok Convention Centre achieves Green Globe benchmark


Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld has achieved the prestigious Green Globe Benchmarked Silver status under the globally-recognized benchmarking program. This program recognizes Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld’s commitment to operating to the world’s highest environmental standard.

In achieving Benchmarked Silver status, Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld committed to benchmarking its energy and water consumption,
total waste production, and community commitment, along with
implementing an integrated environmental and social policy.

In particular, Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld has achieved Best Practice results in energy saving. These measures will ensure efficient practices and large cost savings, ensuring Bangkok Convention Centre is on the path to securing a sustainable future for the environment.


Green Globe is the worldwide benchmarking, certification, and performance improvement system assisting international organizations to attain sustainability. Green Globe provides a certification system that responds directly to the major environmental problems facing the planet, including climate change, waste reduction, and non-renewable resource management.

Stewart Moore, CEO of EC3 Global (management company of Green Globe)
said: “I am delighted that Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld has achieved Benchmarked Silver status. Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld is a prime example of an organization committed to environmentally-sustainable tourism. They have demonstrated through a variety of initiatives, that their business and its employees can make a difference by reducing their environmental impact. The commitment they have shown by participating in the Green Globe program and the achievements they have made within the program set an example for other businesses to follow.”


Conveniently situated at CentralWorld, right at the heart of Bangkok’s prime business and shopping district, Bangkok Convention Centre is a unique concept – a new, state-of-the-art Convention Centre, fully integrated with a five-star hotel and world-class shopping and entertainment facilities.

The Bangkok Convention Centre and the Centara Grand hotel, complemented by the World Ballroom, together make a new, stunning landmark on the city skyline. The dynamic design, inspired by the shape of a blooming lotus and its symbolic theme of the four elements of life – water, earth, air, and fire – has created a new icon for the city.

The latest high-technology equipment ensures optimum energy management, and the CEPPER program has been implemented, along with exhaustive measures to render the Bangkok Convention Centre as environmentally friendly as possible.

With the Bangkok Convention Centre seamlessly connected to the five-stars Centara Grand Hotel and CentralWorld, Bangkok’s world-class shopping and entertainment center, the development constitutes a unique and unbeatable combination of state-of-the-art meeting, business, accommodation, entertainment, and shopping facilities, all together in one place and at the very heart of Bangkok.