Like most of the rest of the world you only have tears for Gaza! How come you don’t have any tears for Israel?

Why don’t you even mention the last 8 years of Palestinian rockets into Israel? You don’t mention and don’t care about all the Israeli civilians men women and children killed and badly wounded, loosing arms and legs.

You also don’t mention that Israel has evacuated the whole territory of the Gaza strip over 3 years ago therefore nullifying any reason for continuing acts of violence from the Palestinians. That made no difference whatsoever to the Hamas terrorists. They kept throwing rockets of all kinds at the Israelis over the border.

You of course don’t mention that since the beginning of this effort by Israel to stop the Hamas rockets and while they are asking for the world’s tears they are continuing to throw around 80 rockets into Israel killing and wounding civilians. You have published outright lies without any comment! If you had checked you would have known that the Israelis attacked only targets that had to do with Hamas offices, infrastructure, rockets storage places, rocket launching places and such. It is not Israel’s fault that Hamas conveniently located many such sites inside very dense populated areas. They are doing this on purpose so it’s hard to find and when it gets bombed they can cry bloody murder and present catchy photos and footage because civilians were hit. what B.S is it about “We don’t even have guns?” they don’t need guns they are throwing rockets!!!!! and they do have guns as well and are using them . More B.S about Israel attacking right away when the last cease fire ended. Israel wanted to extend the cease fire, the Hamas refused and said so on their radio and 24 hours before it ended started increasing the steady stream of rockets into Israel.

Unfortunately the Hamas terrorists are still holding a kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shalit whom they have kidnapped on Israeli soil 2.5 years ago. They were holding him as a hostage and using this as a way of extortion, throwing rockets and missiles in varying daily numbers starting with 3 ending with 80, at the towns and villages within their range. For 2.5 years they have been relying on Israeli fear that they (The Hamas) would harm the hostage. Israel has indeed been afraid of that and therefore, even with all the thousands of rockets and missiles over the last 2.5 years Israel has not retaliated. lately the situation became much worse and the towns in that area were suffering and screaming for something to be done. The government, even though its on it’s last leg, had no choice but attacking the Hamas terrorists.

Unfortunately, war is always horrible for all involved. The civilian population in Gaza is now suffering in addition to all the towns and villages on the Israeli side who are still showered with many rockets and missiles.

The Hamas terroristic regime does not recognize the state of Israel and claim that the whole land of the state of Israel is theirs. They are trained and supported by Iran and El Qaida . They don’t want to live and let live. They said many times loud and clear that all Israelis should leave this land and go back to wherever their ancestors came from in Europe or wherever else. I don’t see anyone on a red carpet waiting with open arms for such an event in those places…….

What will it take for you to save some tears for Israel? Obviously millions of people who are vulnerable to rockets falling daily on their head are not enough. People having to spend half their time in bomb shelters is not enough. Dead wounded and damaged people suffering violence for the last 8 years is not enough.

What is enough? Everyone dead? Looks like Israel is not ready to commit suicide for that.

Save your tears. We will do without them.

With your attitude I seriously doubt you will publish this, of course you unfortunately won’t have enough room, you only have room for tears for Gaza.

Miri Rosental
Tel Aviv, Israel