Northwest Airlines is temporarily reducing service between Portland and Amsterdam from five flights per week to four, starting Jan. 11.

The schedule of five weekly flights will resume March 23. As in the past, the airline will continue to provide daily flights to Amsterdam throughout the summer months starting in July.

A spokeswoman for Delta Air Lines, the new corporate parent of Northwest, said the changes are a result of “matching capacity to demand in light of the current economic climate.”

Also this week, Northwest said it wants U.S. Department of Transportation approval to delay starting service between Seattle and Beijing without losing its rights to the route. Bookings between the U.S. and China have dropped by almost a third in the past year, the airline told the DOT.

Northwest also wants to delay service between Beijing and Detroit by several months as well.

The announcement comes a month after Northwest said it will drop its Seattle-to-London nonstop flight next year, less than six months after inaugurating the service. The nonstop flights will end Jan. 8.