Seychelles conservation taken seriously


Many attributes fit the Seychelles, and conservation is one of them, as confirmed to this correspondent earlier in the week, when efforts to protect the Aldabra giant tortoise were highlighted.

At one time this tortoise, which was only found on the island of Aldabra, was near extinction due to hunting and new predatory species brought to the archipelago, eating the newly-laid eggs, and feeding on the young tortoises. Since the onset of serious conservation efforts – the country has more than 50 percent of the population under active legal protection – many organizations and NG’s have helped to spread the remaining population, carefully grown under watchful eyes, to other islands again. Several of them, including Frigate, now have populations large enough to give them a chance of survival.

This type of tortoise can reportedly live to a ripe age of over 150 years, and many of the survivors will outlive their protectors by many decades, giving future generations a marine heritage to pass on to their children’s children.